Saturday, October 30, 2010

Creepy Crawl 5k & Hike up Barr Trail

15.5 Miles total
1 mile warm up
3.1 5k 20:19 3rd Overall 9:00 am) sunny low 50's
12:00 pm) 60's Hiked/Run with friend from WI.
11.5 Miles Up Barr Trail to Barr Camp and back down.

So I did my first 5k of the year and first one at altitude 7200 ft.
I really had a terrible race. I started out too fast for my current
fitness. First mile was 5:50 and I was totally winded after that
mile 2 was 6:27 and slowed even more at mile 3 6:35. Lots of work
to do. I need to work on speed and endurance!

Afternoon hiked up the some of the Incline and over to Barr Trail.
Dan and I went up to Barr Camp before heading down. We stopped
in and met the care takers. Very nice people! A husband and wife
take care of Barr Camp. Interesting story they are both ultra
runners having run many 100 mile races.

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