Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kettle Moraine State Park Eagle Wisconsin

25 Miles 3:18:00 7:55 avg.
145 avg. HR
7:45 am) cold at the start upper 30's
warmed up in low 50's by the finish.
Interesting run today. Started out normal enough.
First 6 miles were pretty easy kind of out in the open
not much for hills and lots of tall grass with a single
lane trail going through. That was the Yellow trail then
it ended and we picked up the Orange trail it had more
hills and after a couple miles it turned from packed dirt
to loose sand. The sand was like at the beach very deep
and soft. It was very hard to run in it. I tried to run
up on the shoulder when posible to avoid it. This sand
took a lot of the energy out of me and made for a long
day. We ran the orange trail till about mile 12 and had to
make a decision do we keep going and hope to find another
trail that would take us back to the car or just turn around
and run the 12 miles back. We decided not to risk it and
turned around. Well this would have been a good plan if we didn't
make a wrong turn some where along the line. We ended up running
in circles. We could not find the Yellow trail that would take
us back. Eventually we saw a highway it was highway 67. Well
we parked on highway 67 so we new we could follow that back
to the car. The only thing we didn't know how far it was back to
the car. At this point we had 21 miles in. We ran along the
highway till we hit mile 25. Luckily at mile 25 it happened to
be right in the town of Eagle. There was a gas station so we stoped
and asked how much further. They said about 2 more miles. We
decided we did not want to run anymore so we were going to walk the
rest. As we walked out of the gas station a lady was filling up her car
and said didn't I see you guys on the trail earlier. We got to
talking and told her we ran 25 miles and asked if she could
give us a lift to our car. She agreed she would do it even
though she was not heading in that direction. Well it turned
out to be 3 or 4 miles back. Thank goodness she gave us a ride.
So needless to say it was an interesting run. My body is very sore
and tired. Hope I recover quick.

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GZ said...

Way to get the miles in. Beach running is a ... beach. (sorry, bad pun)