Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fox River Trail

4 Miles 25:05 6:16 avg.
158 avg. HR
5:00 pm) sunny nice
Ran hard from the start. I tried to run on my toes more and
not heel strike to avoid the contact. The good news is my
heel is better. It still hurts some but much better than 24 hours
ago. I will test it tomorrow at UWGB trail and hopefully that goes
good so I will still be able to run long on Saturday at UWGB.

Tonight I went to the running club meeting. We had a guest speaker
it was on nutrition. A topic I need lots of improvement. I learned a
few things and basically I need to due a 180 on the way I eat. I eat
like a non athlete. I know it will help my running it's just a matter of
getting serious about it and taking the time to prepare the foods
rather than eating fast foods or frozen foods all the time. I have
started to eat a little bit better but I am far from where I should be.

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