Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fox Cities Half Marathon

13.1 Miles 1:21:40 *PR* 6:14 average
8:00 am) 50's overcast Perfect Conditions
Great Day felt awesome except for miles 8-11.
I got a side ache and had to slow the pace down.
It went away thank goodness and I was able to finish
strong. I exceeded my goal of 1:22-1:23 so very happy.
I was questioning myself this morning as to why I signed
up for this race. I was not feeling I was in my best shape
but I new I could probably at least improve on my half
marathon from 2 weeks ago. So now that it's over yes I'm glad
I did it. Great course and good crowd support. No Heart Rate
Monitor today. I decided to go without it because I felt it
holds me back in races. I rather go by feel on race day and
if I was wearing it I would probably hold back some if the
heart rate increased too much. I only looked at my pace at
the mile splits again not wanting to now too much info. I let
my body tell me when to speed up or slow down I believe on
race day that's the way to go. I placed 8th overall and 3rd
in my age bracket (35-39). Now I can relax for a day or two.
Packer party tonight. Go Pack!


GZ said...

Do you think you have shaken the Marathon from your legs? Nice job. Solid effort and way to come back. Pull those middle miles together and you get close to sub 80.

C Brad Poppele said...

Thanks GZ! Yes I feel I have fully recovered from the marathon, 2 weeks ago I would have said no. Your right I think I am capable of sub 80. I just need everything to go perfect. I see you did a race as well this past weekend. Nice work. First place that's got to feel good. You have been doing such high mileage and not much speed word so I would say you could have been low 17's upper 16's otherwise easy.