Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cheesehead Half Marathon

1:24:30 13.1 Miles 6:28 average
160 average HR 168 max.
upper 50's partly sunny & windy
13.1/?/? 1:24:30
Not the time I was looking for. I was thinking 1:23 or better.
I'm just not in great shape right now. I think part of it is
I did a marathon 3 weeks ago and my legs just are not fresh.
I was happy that I basically held the same pace over the entire
run and my HR was not too high. I can use this as a base and try
to build from this. First time I have run this half marathon it
was well run. It's put on my a group of runners called the
Pace Setters. The course is out on country roads so not much to
look at. My brother and his friend from California did the half
marathon as well. We had a good time. I will do this one again.
Now I need to recover and get ready to do another half marathon
in two weeks. Hope I will be ready.


GZ said...

So if you are cooked, why are you doing another half in two weeks?

C Brad Poppele said...

Good question GZ. Well I thought this one would go better and was using this run as kind of a hard training run so I can run faster in two weeks. The course in two weeks is much faster and lots more runners to push me. I already signed up for it so I will give it a shot. Plus I never ran this half either and am curious on how it is.
As far as my current shape I think I'm in good shape I just don't have the speed yet. When I trained for Pikes I kind of fogot about doing some speed work and now I'm trying to get it back. These half marathons I think will help and get me back in shape for my marathon in December and that's my main focus.