Monday, September 29, 2008

Fox River Trail

10 Miles 1:04:51 6:29 avg.
155 avg. HR
5:15 pm) cool & cloudy
Goal was to run this at my marathon pace.
I am shooting for a 2:50 marathon in Dec. so that
is 6:30 pace. I ran this run right at 6:30 pace.
It did not feel too bad. However the last few
miles it was more difficult to hold the pace.
I got a little tired. I will try to do this again
in a week or so and see if it gets any easier.
I plan on doing some longer runs like this but
keeping the effort on the easier side for the
first 15 miles or so then increase the pace the
last 5 miles to marathon pace. This will teach my
body to still run fast even when fatigue sets in.

Not sure what I am doing right now I'm training for
a 50k but have a marathon coming up as well and trying
to train for both at the same time. On one hand I have
a 50k trail run my first ultra that I basically am running
just to do it no big goals just finish. And on the other
hand I have a marathon a little over a month after the
ultra which is my "A" race. So I am trying to do some
specific training for both with some trail running,
road running, slower paced runs, faster paced runs, longer
runs, shorter runs. Not sure what I'm doing but I'm having fun!


GZ said...

There is not a huge difference so training for one will help you with the other. But definitely having a clear goal ... well ... will provide clarity. Sounds like the ultra is more important than the 2:50. And that is fine.

C Brad Poppele said...

GZ, That's kind of how I feel. The training should help me in both. Thanks for you input.