Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fox River Trail & UWGB Trail

12 miles 2 runs 1:27:41

6:00 am) 7 miles
cold 41 degrees
2 mile warm up
1 mile speedwork 5:59 (HR 163) target 5:49
.5 mile jog
1 mile speedwork 5:51 (HR 166) target 5:49
2.5 mile cool down
Could not get mile repeats to the time I was shooting
for but was close. It was cold and my legs did not
seem to want to run that fast.

6:00 pm) 5 miles 37:25
cool 60's
Ran with group took it easy.


GZ said...

1.) you run this Fox River thing a lot.
2.) is it me or are you running more two a days?
3.) is that header new? And do I recognize that hill?
4.) what is your max HR?

C Brad Poppele said...

1.) Yes I run Fox River Trail a lot due to the fact that it's only 1.25 miles from my house and it's nice to run on.
2.) I have started to run more two a days but not many maybe 1 or 2 a week. Not near the amount you are doing.
3.) Yes the header is new. I took the picture in Colorado. You should reconize it. Pikes Peak!
4.)The highest I have seen my HR is 176.