Saturday, March 22, 2008

In Comp

21 Miles 2:31:22 7:12 average.
Mid 20's partly sunny. Wind was a factor at times.
Hilly course HR was in the 140's early miles then it
was in the 150's. Going up the hills it would hit around
160. Last mile ran hard and it was in the mid to upper 160's.
Run felt good but got tired at the end. I was not taking in enough
fluids. I will have to drink more on race day. Next Saturday will be
good practice for that I'm doing a half marathon and going to run it
at marathon pace (6:40). The course is hilly so it will be a good test
to see how fit I am.

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Lucho said...

Brad- Great question in regards to MAF! And this is exactly where the concept falls short and may not be appropriate for you. In this instance I would ask you what your LT is or extrapolate it from a recent race then have you train ~20 beats below your LT HR. Going to a lab though will be the most accurate way of determining your optimal training intensity. All of these other formula and equations only get you close for a starting point. A pure runner can get away with a slight bump in HR and would do well to use their marathon race HR minus 10 beats for their training zone in the earlier base training. Let me know if I helped or if I just clouded the issue more!:)