Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Series 1 Cheyenne Mountain State Park

47:10 6.82 miles 6:55 average per mile
8.2 miles total
7th Overall out of 253 2nd Age Group
10:00 am) Very Cold! Maybe 10 degrees
Good race today. I struggled first few miles with all
the climbing. Once I got past that I was able to let it roll.
I was in 8th place with 2 miles to go. Got passed by 1 runner
then stuck with him and reeled in 2 more runners. Missed age
group win by 3 seconds. The guy that passed me with less than 2
miles to go is same age as me 41.
6:57, 7:28, 8:27, 7:26, 6:37, 5:36, 5:44 (.82)
47.85 miles for the week.


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