Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pikes Peak Greenway Longish Tempo & Jack Quinn's

14 miles 1:30:24 6:27 average per mile
1 mile warm up 15 total
11:00 am) upper 50's 61 degrees when I finished.
Pushed very hard today. The goal was 6:35 pace or so. I did
slightly better than that. I felt strong for the most part.
I did struggle last 4 miles. I think it was due to the
unseasonable warm temperatures. I guess I should have started
earlier. Not usually a issue in January.
Used my phone today as my music player. Thank goodness for
Pandora. My MP3 player is out of commission for good.
It fell in the toilet before heading out for run. I actually
liked using my phone as my music player. I might just use
that for a while instead of buying new MP3 player.
After run weighed just to see how much I lost. I was down to
138.0. Guess I got a bit dehydrated. I was probably 143-144
before run.


3 miles
5:30 pm)
upper 40's
Ran with Bethany at Jack Quinn's. Her first time running
with that group. Was fun to run with her.

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