Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ridge Rd. Hill Repeats

8 miles 1:01:31 7:41 average per mile
5 X 1:20 hill repeats
12:50 pm) upper 20's sunny & windy

Was not motivated to run outside today. Treadmill was an option
but didn't want to do that either. So waited till after lunch to
get started. It snowed a little last night so was worried about
the roads. By waiting the roads were in pretty good shape. I did
some hill repeats on Ridge Road. Ridge Road is pretty darn steep.
I had thoughts of going 2:00 but after 1:15 on the first set I
was done. So adjusted to 1:20. Maybe next time go a bit longer.
This was enough for me since it was my first time doing hill
repeats this year. Ran back through the Garden then back home.
Pretty tough 8 mile workout.


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