Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rescue Run 10K

6.2 miles 40:06 6:28 average per mile
7th Overall out of 365 2nd Age Group
10:00 am) Sunny & COLD! teens
Okay race. My leg is not 100% but it was not bad. I ran
about a minute slower than last year and the course
was longer last year. I'm okay with the outcome. I
considered not doing it at all. Huge crowd today over 800
runners for the 5k and 10k. That's more than 200 over
last year. Tomorrow will be short and easy day. I'm
hoping to do 18 on Thursday.
Weight is coming down nicely. Down to 143.5. This is
the lightest I have been since early 2012. I want to
drop another 3.5 pounds then I will try to maintain
that right up to Little Rock.

8.2 miles on the day

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