Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Fast and Flurry-ous 4 Miler

Boulder, Colorado
4 miles 24:37 6:09 average per mile
36th place overall 3rd age group
5.5 miles total
10:00 am) 50's Sunny! Perfect Running Temperature

This was my first ever cross country event. I didn't fare
to well. Or I ran okay and just had super stiff competition.
I had a blast though.

First time in Boulder so figured I might as well race. My
girlfriend also raced so that was awesome. They started the
women's race at 9:00 am. This I liked so I could watch her
race. I got to cheer her on and take a few pictures. She
then got to do the same for me at 10:00 am.

The field was not huge but was it ever stacked. When Robby
Young finishes 9th you know it's loaded. In case you don't
know Robby he won all 4 races at Fall Series in Colorado
Springs this past fall.

56.28 miles for the week.

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