Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mesa Rd. & Mesa Valley Trails

7 Miles 55:01 7:51 average per mile
2:45 pm) low 60's Sunny!
Explored some more new trails. Took it easy didn't worry about
pace. Okay week. Got a track work out in a race and got my
miles up a bit 58.4. Race was a disappointment but will learn from
it. Goal is to keep building my base. I will do another short
race or two yet this year plus a half marathon in December.



Mzungu Training Log said...

nice nice, at 7200ft, using that's easily mid 19s, not to mention you just did a hard workout 2 days ago!

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks! I think I can do much better though. More speed work will help. Going to do a 5k on Thanksgiving Day. If I start slower I think I wont get so winded therefore having better finish.