Sunday, October 30, 2011

Manitou Springs Coffin Races & Pikes Peak Greenway 5k

6.1 Miles Total
1.6 warm up
3.11 5k 18:09 5:52,5:54,5:48,5:25 (:35)
Didn't think I would beat last weeks time. I did barely 2 seconds.
Happy with that.
1.3 cool down.
Took off yesterday and went to Manitou Springs. I watched the
parade and the coffin races. That was one interesting experience.
I took a bunch of pictures. Weather was fantastic sunny and warm.
Would like to participate next year I just need to get a team
together. Maybe get some fast runners and win the thing.


Alicia said...

So....what are the coffin races?

Brad Poppele said...

It's kind of like bobsled racing. You have 4 people pushing and one inside the coffin shaped car. Two go at a time they use both lanes of downtown one on each side. The race last only like 30 seconds or so. The races are timed and they have awards to the top teams. It reminds me of drag racing but foot powered instead of gas powered.