Sunday, November 29, 2009

Noodleini 15k De Pere WI

9.3 Miles 55:39 5:59 average per mile
6th Overall out of 569
1st age group (35-39)out of 34
8:00 am) low 30's no wind! Nice Day!

Great run today. I ran a nice PR! My PR was from
back in February 56:37. So almost a minute off it.
What makes it more special is that after Thursday's
race I was considering not doing this because I
figured I was not going to run a good time. Sure I
could run it for fun but for me races are meant to
be raced. I'm a very competitive person and I can't
change that nor do I want to.

Before the race I did a mile warm up. I took GZ
advice and ran a hard 1/4 mile to open things
up a bit. I think that helped. Also I ran in racing
flats today and think that helped as well.

My goal was to run 5:55 to 6:05 miles today. I did
a great job on that goal. Only one mile was off a
bit due to me stopping for a drink. Below is my splits.

5/6:09 (water stop)
.3/5:45 (1:42)

35.3 miles for the week. Dropped miles this week
with 2 races will pick it back up this week.


GZ said...

In fairness - that is a Jack Daniels trick, not mine.

And well done!

Brad Poppele said...

Maybe but you relayed the message to me so I will give you the credit.
My first mile felt much better than it did on Thursday and made the run go smoothly.

KG said...

First time on your blog--I stumbled upon it. It's cool. I hope you get that sub 2:50 marathon.

Brad Poppele said...

Hi KG!
Thanks for the comment. Glad you think my blog is cool! I think your the first one to say that. My friends say I need to make my blog more exciting. Thanks for the good wishes on my upcoming marathon. I think sub 2:50 is in the cards.