Tuesday, November 3, 2009


10 Miles 1:08:39 6:52 average per mile
148 HR average
5:30 pm) upper 30's
Ran on the concrete tonight. I'm not used to running on this stuff. It's not
near as forgiving as the trails. I need to re accustom myself to it so when
I run the Houston marathon January 17 I will be used to it. The route I
ran tonight is well lit. I didn't even need my head light.
I'm pretty sure I will do the 10 mile trail race on Saturday. My legs are
not 100% but feel pretty good. Plus the weather is looking fantastic.



GZ said...

That is a great HR for that pace for you - no?

Goal for Houston?

GZ said...

oh - what is b/a9/123?

Brad Poppele said...

Yes, My HR was running a little low tonight. I had to push fairly hard to get it into the 150's.
I guess my goal for Houston is the same as it was back in May and didn't make it. That was 2:49. I think if I stay healthy it is possible.
b/a9/123 is just my way of keeping track of the mileage I put on my shoe.
Brooks/Adrenaline 9/123 miles.
George you should do Leadville in 2011. I want to do it. Maybe we could do some training together. I plan on moving to Colorado by August 2010. That would give me a good year of solid training for it.

GZ said...

2011? Ha! I am way to A-D-D to think that far ahead.

2:49. Right on.