Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine's Run 15k

9.3 Miles 56:37 6:05 average
8:00 am) 40 degrees Sunny and Warm. Wind 10 mph sw.
6th overall out of 305 and 2nd in age group.

I had no real time goal going into this race. I was not sure
what kind of shape I was in. I have only started getting back
to serious training the past 2 weeks. My loose goal was break
1 hour. My personal best at the 15k distance is 59:44. That
was a couple years ago so I figured I could do that.

I'm very happy with my performance today I am kind of surprised
I did so well. I started out kind of fast and thought I was in
trouble if I tried to hold that pace. But I was able to hold on
the entire run. I only had one mile (8) 6:27 that was kind of off
compared to the rest but that was one of the toughest miles
long gradual uphill late in the race too. I finished the last 1.3
miles strong.

I'm excited to get back to training for the next race in April.
I like where I'm headed and think 2009 will be another big year
for me. I just got to stay healthy and train hard but smart.

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GZ said...

Nice! Ain't it amazing how what was once hard is now "easy?"