Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mid Valley Dr.

12 Miles 1:20:06 6:40 average
4:00 pm) 38 degrees nice
Tempo Run
Schedule was for 8 miles total 6 at tempo 6:24 pace.
Well I took of yesterday so I wanted to do more than 8 miles.
So I did 12. First 3 warm up then 6 at tempo and 3 cool down.
Here is the details of the run.
1/6:48 warm up
2/6:37 warm up
3/6:39 warm up
4/6:21 goal 6:24 Head wind
5/6:25 goal 6:24 Head wind
6/6:22 goal 6:24 Head wind
7/5:58 goal 6:24 Tail wind
8/6:09 goal 6:24 Tail wind
9/6:02 goal 6:24 Tail wind
10/7:09 cool down
11/7:38 cool down
12.7:55 cool down
I was very happy with this run. I ran the warm up miles faster
than I planned. I thought maybe 7:15-7:30 would be good. I was
ready to go so was hard to hold back. Then when I started pushing
it was difficult due to the head wind but still hit my goal times.
At mile 6 I stopped for a couple minutes for a drink and a power bar
gel. I then turned around and headed back. It was so much easier
with the tail wind. I was well under my goal time of 6:24 for these
3 miles. Ended with 3 easy miles.

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