Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bay Park Square Mall

18.25 Miles 2:12:55 7:17 average
7:00 am) 25 degrees. snow flurries
The roads were slippery today we had some snow last night
maybe an inch or so. Just enough to make it messy.
Ran the first 8 with Mike. Then we joined the 8:00 group
for 10 miles. Lots of runners today we started in the back
of the pack because we got back a little bit late and the
group had left already. So we started to catch up with the
first few runners and Mike says lets count how many people
we see. I counted 188. I might be off a little. We got to a
water stop and there was too many to count I estimated.

I felt good except the first 8 miles with Mike. It seemed hard
for some reason and we were running slower. My leg, groin was
sore the whole run but never got any worse so I hope I didn't
do anymore damage. I took Motrin before the run and used
bio freeze that helped.

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