Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gold's Gym

6 Miles 44:15 7:23 average
6:00 pm)
Not sure what went on tonight. I thought I would feel good
but it started bad and only got worse. I did my usual 5 minute
warm up and it was not easy like usual. I knew this was not good.
I picked it up after that and it was unusually hard I was sweating
and breathing much harder than normal. I must have been more tired
than I realized going into this workout. I even slowed the pace
down so I could get the workout in but it still was hard. So after
6 miles I decided to call it a day.


GZ said...

Some days like that. I usually think it is related to diet-training load-life stress-lack of sleep-weather-how much beer I have had but ...

... all you can do is do what you did and roll with it.

C Brad Poppele said...

Thanks GZ! I think your right all you can do it roll with it. I think stress - work - fatigue all contributed to this tonight. I'm not worried about it though. I usually bounce right back after a sub par run.