Saturday, August 9, 2008

PFC. Ryan Jerabek USMC Memorial Challenge

4 Miles 23:46
3rd overall 1st in age bracket
9:00 a.m. Four Season's Park Hobart WI
Partly Sunny 70's
This was the 3rd annual run. I have participated in all 3.
The run is a Memorial run for Pfc. Ryan Jerabek and all the
fallen heroes from Northeast Wisconsin. The run is a 4 mile
loop that Ryan would train on to get ready for boot camp.
The run is challenging as it has some good hills on it.
As for the race I was happy with my results. I ran it faster
than the previous 2 years. Mile 3 is the hardest mile you run
up a couple steep hills. Then the last mile is flat. I was
very tired by the finish I looked at my watch and my HR was 174.
That is very high for me. I have only hit 174 one other time.
I believe this is very close to my max HR. So it was a good day
and I saw many of my running buddies and even had some brats and
burgers afterwards.
+ 3 miles for warm up and cool down 7 miles total

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CMP said...

Brad, Wow great time sub 6 min miles. Looks like you are ready for Pikes Peak! Good Luck! CMP