Friday, May 9, 2008

West De Pere

5 Miles 41:11 8:14 average
6:00 a.m. mid 40's cloudy
Mile 1 8:05 127
Mile 2 8:05 132
Mile 3 8:12 133
Mile 4 8:20 135
Mile 5 8:28 134
132 average HR
Interesting how I always have to run each mile slower to keep HR
under 135. Going to wear HR monitor for the marathon. I have never
worn one in a race so I will be curious to see what kind of numbers
I put up in race conditions. Will the same be true will my heart rate
continue to climb each mile or will it stabilize. I don't plan on
looking at it during the race. Afraid it might hold me back otherwise.
I like the Garmin HR monitor strap much better than the timex one I
have been using. I get a good reading from the start. The other one
would always take a mile or so before it would read it correctly.
100 days till Pikes Peak can't wait.

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