Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oregon Trip

Well I'm back in Wisconsin. I had a great time in Oregon.
Saw a ton in a short amount of time. We drove nearly 1500
miles in 5 days. We drove thru mountains and over to the
coast and along the coast line. Saw some awesome waterfalls.
The mountains still have lots of snow. Did not get to go
to the top of any but made it up to the 6,000 to 7,000 ft.
range. This was my first time at any significant elevation.
I will be much higher in only 80 days at Pikes Peak marathon.
(14,132) What have I got myself into? It rained some mainly
inland. We spent 2 days on the coast and it was sunny. Temps.
were in the 50-70's range. I really liked the city of Eugene.
This is where the Olympic trials will be held for track & field
in July. It will be at historic Hayward Field. Eugene is a college
town and seems to be into fitness I saw many runners and bikers.
Portland was also a nice city. Very clean. Known as the city of roses.
Overall my impression of Oregon is it's clean, green, pretty,
awesome coast, great mountains and some amazing waterfalls. I'm
glad I went and would recommend it to anyone that has not been there.

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