Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Speedwork Treadmill

4.75 Miles
11:25 am) treadmill @ gym 6200 ft.
6x400, 2x200
Had a hard time getting started today. I took a nap before starting
this workout because I was just too tired to do it otherwise.
Once I got running I felt better first 400 hurt though. Thought it
was going to be a bad workout. Well it turned out to be a great
workout. I'm happy with the results.
Here is what I did.
400 @ 11.5 max HR 150
400 @ 11.8 max HR 152
400 @ 12.0 max HR 156
400 @ 12.1 max HR 157
400 @ 12.2 max HR 160
400 @ 12.5 max HR 161
I did .25 recovery in between each of these at 6.0
200 @ 13.0 max HR 163 .13
200 @ 13.2 max HR 165 .13
not sure the rest in between the 200's went by feel.
These were all done at 1% Incline
Interesting to see my HR #'s each one it went up. I felt like
I was all out on the last 200 but the way my HR kept climbing
maybe with another 200 or so I could have got HR higher.
My highest I have seen is like 174 a couple years ago. I'm
more fit than then so doubt I could hit 174 today.
I will look to continue to do this workout once a week and
will continue to add to it. Might not do more 400's next week
but will at least try to add a couple more 200's.

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