Sunday, January 29, 2012

Garden of the Gods

8 Miles 49:44 6:13 average per mile
8:00 am) 30's Sunny!
Since 2004 I have probably run over 2000 training runs like
today. Today though was a bit different I was actually
shocked by my performance today. Nothing would have indicated
today would be a great run. I worked a hard 8 hour shift till
7:30 am. Hardly slept at all before the shift and before that
was my hard 4 mile race. So I had no expectations today. Wasn't
even sure if I should be running.
So I took off and first mile was 6:15. I felt like I was shot
out of a canon. I wasn't even really trying just floating along.
So of course at this point my mindset changes from whatever to
lets see what I can do today. Miles 2 and 3 slow down some but
still very solid miles. After that I started running low 6's
and just kept running them to the end. I have been thinking
about the 10 mile race in June a lot lately and have been
thinking could I run sub 60 on this course? I kind of thought
I was in over my head with that thought. Well after today I
really think it's possible and might even run 58 or 59.
Last year I ran 1:04 just to give some background.
Today's splits: 6:15,6:31,6:24,6:10,6:00,6:10,6:01,6:09


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