Friday, October 28, 2011

Pikes Peak Greenway

18 Miles 1:57:19 6:31 average per mile
10:35 am) 40's Sunny!
Great run today! I was not expecting to have a great run today.
Yesterday I had thoughts of going long but just didn't have it
physically or mentally. Today was the complete opposite.
Slowest mile 1. Fastest mile 18. That's good pacing.
I have about 4 more weeks of hard training then a 2 week taper.
Next week will be my first 20 miler. Then I think I will go
down to 16 then 18 and finally a 22 miler. I'm just winging
it I have no set schedule. I kind of like it that way. My
focus each week is 3 hard workouts 1. 5k for speed. 2. Tempo
run 10-12 miles. 3. Long run. I might do a session or 2 of
some hill repeats. I take at least 1 day off a week and no
2 a days.
Wore new shoes today. Well not new same model I always wear
but never worn. I don't think you need a break in period
when your not switching to a new model. I wear the Brooks
Adrenaline 11's. I also run in the Brooks ST 5's for my
faster runs. I will wear the ST 5's for the marathon.



HappyTrails said...

Hey brad - nice run there today! Those are some smoking splits. Where do you usually hop on to the trail? I was not sure if you are running the paved part or the dirt (or a mix).

Brad Poppele said...

Steve, I start at Monument Valley Park across from Colorado College. I live close to hear so a good starting point. For my long runs I usually start south go 4-5 miles then turn around and head back north. I then use my car as a water station refill bottle grap a gel. Then I will go 4-5 miles north before turning around and heading back south to my car. I like doing it this way so If I were to have a problem or an injury I'm no more than 5 miles from my vehicle. The run is a mix a pavement and gravel.

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