Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pikes Peak Greenway

8 Miles 53:40 6:42 average per mile
10:50 am) mid 70's Sunny!
Not sore really at all from Pikes so did a hard 8 miler.
Started at my apartment and ran to Pikes Peak Green Way
turned around at 4 miles.
Took off yesterday and hung out with my parents as it
was their last day here. We did the touristy thing and
went to Seven Falls. Pretty neat place. Didn't get to
go up all the stairs though as it was stormy and they
don't let you climb them in bad weather.
Been thinking about Pikes Peak Marathon alot. Trying to
figure out what I can do different next time. I always
seam to not run my best race on that mountain. I do better
on training runs than race day. Most of my problem is
above treeline. I have no energy and even when I start
the down still nothing. If I can get that figured out I
believe I could run a very good time.
I need to put it behind me and move forward. I will be
focusing on my up coming 50k one month from today. It's
the Bear Chase 50k up in Morrison, Colorado. I ran it
last year and finished second. I was gaining on the
leader but ran out of real estate. I actually hope to
win it this year. Have never gone into a race with that
mind set before but that will be the case this time.


Sean O'Day said...

Oh, hey! The Bear Chase 50k, that seems perfect! :)

BTW, lucky we all have a good 51 more weeks to reflect on the Peak.

What was your hydration/nutrition like for PPM? You've done well in ultras so I doubt it's terrible...

Brad Poppele said...

Yeah only 51 more weeks to think about it!

How about you what's next? Other than North Face 50.

My nutrition I thought was good I refilled my bottle at all the aid stations took in I think 4 gels.
I had plenty of energy once below Barr Camp so I can't blame it on nutrition. I just don't perform well above 10,200 ft.

Sean O'Day said...

BTW I find it amazing that some of you guys - you, JV, etc - were able to run. I went out for about 20 minutes yesterday and was in pain the whole time. Just my quads, but I put 'em through absolute hell on that descent.

HappyTrails said...

Good luck getting ready for the Bear Chase Brad - it is get to set the bar high, as it will keep you pretty focused!