Friday, August 5, 2011

Red Rock Canyon

6 Miles 50:49 8:27 average per mile
9:00 am) Sunny & Nice!
Legs felt great no soreness to speak of. I didn't feel great energy
wise but not bad.
Started at Red Rock Canyon parking lot off 26th st. Not many
people start from this parking lot which I like. I then ran the
trails down to Section 16 trail head and then back. Wore new shoes
today Inov8 Rocklite 315. I got these shoes for free for winning
my age group at Barr Trail Mountain Race. I just had to pay the
shipping. Only thing I didn't like was how much mud got caught
in the sole of the shoes. Shoes became pretty heavy at times when
I had to run through the mud.
Been going to the library a lot lately and checking out DVD's.
Watched a couple good movies yesterday. The Town with Ben
Affleck and Knowing with Nick Cage. I recommend both of them. I
don't have cable tv so this is a nice option and it's free!

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