Thursday, August 4, 2011

Memorial Park to A-Frame & Back

20 Miles 3:30:11
8:20 am) 60's - 70's Sunny!
Last long run this morning. I was just about to start my run and
this guy comes up to me and ask if I'm running up Barr trail.
I say yes to A-Frame and he says I'm going to the summit do you
want to run together. I was a bit hesitant as I wanted to really
push this run as it was my last long run. I chatted a bit with
him and found out he was a pretty good runner. Also he is from
Wisconsin as well. He moved here 3 years ago.
So Joseph and I headed out. We ran a pretty good pace but I knew
it was going to be a bit slower than I had planned. I was okay
with this as it was nice to have company.
Here is my splits up to A-Frame. Joseph and I ran together almost
to Barr Camp before I pushed on ahead of him.
Ruxton 3:34
Hydro St 10:45
Top of W's 35:59
No Name 52:34
7.8 Sign 1:10:34
Barr Camp 1:29:22
Bottomless Pit Sign 1:42:45
A-Frame 2:06:39
I hoped my splits would be better after Barr Camp as I went slower
than planned at the start. Didn't really help though I still
was slow after Barr Camp. So on race day I'm not going to hold
back too much. I'm going to go pretty hard up to Bottomless Pit
sign. I'm going to be slow after that anyways so I'm going to bank
some time. This might be a mistake but I'm going to give it a shot.
Today's run indicates around a 4:55-5:00 marathon. I think I can
do a bit better on race day and plan on 4:45 or better.
On my way down just after my turn around at A-Frame I almost
ran into another runner. He was flying up the mountain. As I
passed him I realized it was Matt Carpenter. I said hi Matt at
the last second. Of course he doesn't know me though. I'm starting
to think he just might be running the marathon after all. He
looked strong and he's out running some serious miles on Barr
trail. So don't be to surprised if you see him on race day.



Knuckledragger said...

Nice work Brad. I'm hoping for great things for you (and GZ) for PPM. Would be cool to see MC put his hat into the mix that day too.

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks Craig! I'm hoping for a big day! Will see! Good to hear your running again!

GZ said...

Nice run. Don't get too worked up about what a training run means for race day.

And HOLEE CRAAAP on MC. That would be cool

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks GZ! Your right it's just a training run. Race day is a whole different ball game.
Welcome back to Colorado!!!

Brett said...

A few years ago, my brother ran into the guy who has won the 50 age group a lot on Pikes Peak (Ed Wood or something Wood or something or other) be specific. :)

Anyhoo, that guy said he always goes hard up the Ws to get out in front of people and then tries to hold strong/recover from there. So -not- going easy in the beginning seems to always work for him. To each his own.

Jim P. said...

I got a note back from Matt when I responded to the recent PPM/PPA e-mail message to say I wasn't running. Nice note saying "sorry you aren't running." I responded to that note inquiring about his plans. No answer. Would love to see him in the mix! Have a great race.