Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Elk Park

3.65 Miles
8:00 am) Sunny and warm
Short run today as all 4 of us are tapering. We went to Oil Creek
and back. We stopped at oil creek and enjoyed the views. Just an
amazing day! The beauty is breath taking you have to see it to
truly appreciate it. I do have some pictures that will have to
do until you see it for yourself.


Sean O'Day said...

Nice. Never been to the Oil tunnel thing before.

That mile uphill back to the car is awful.

Brad Poppele said...

You should check it out Sean it's only .5 mile off the elk trail.
That last mile is a brutal!!!
The views make it not so bad though.

GZ said...

Did you go in the tunnel?

Brad Poppele said...

GZ, I would have but they have the tunnel blocked with bars.