Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Elk Park

7.25 Miles
8:00 am) upper 50's cloudy
Plan was to go to the summit this morning with Mike & Roger.
Mike suggested we run Elk Park trail. Well Roger and myself
had never been on this trail and we said lets do it.
Elk Park is a trail off the Pikes Peak highway on the way
up to the summit. It's over 11,000 ft so still good altitude
training. The trail goes around 6.5 miles to Barr Camp.
We didn't have the time to run all the way to Barr Camp so we
went 3.6 miles before turning around. The trail is not to
steep but does have a half mile section that was very steep.
The views were awesome and I soaked it all in. I really
enjoyed this trail and plan on going back next Tuesday.
No pictures today as I forgot my camera. Will take next time.


1 comment:

Sean O'Day said...

That straightaway about a mile from the TH is a killer. Love it running down; detest it running back up.

Ewing and I (and who knows who else) plan on hitting it again on Saturday if you're not working.