Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Memorial Park to the top of the W's

6.2 Miles
10:00 am) Sunny 60's
Started at Memorial Park. Ran hard to the top of the W's and then
jogged it back down. I'm done! Nothing else to speak of till the
marathon. Time to rest up!
Today I went out way too hard. I was breathing heavy by the time
I got to Hydro St. The rest of the run up to the top of the W's
was harder than it should have been. I learned a good lesson today
don't run that hard from the start. I will hold back some and
start to pick up the pace when I get on Barr Trail.
My 3 splits today were:
Ruxton - 3:11
Hydro St. - 9:47
Top of the W's 31:54
On race day I would like to be around 10:30 at Hydro St. and
33:00 at the top of the W's.
I will be shooting for a 2:45 ascent. But my real goal is 2:50.
I need a few minutes cushion because I think above A-Frame I
will lose some time.
On the down the goal is 1:40-1:45.
So my marathon goal is 4:30-4:35.
If I can run this kind of time I will be super happy!



Knuckledragger said...

Best of luck on Sunday Brad - I hope you do great.

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks Craig! I wish you the same! Have fun and enjoy the experience.