Thursday, June 30, 2011

Manitou Incline & Barr Trail

7.75 Miles
1 Mile Incline 25:09 Best time for 2011.
6.75 Miles Barr Trail 55:24 8:13 average per mile
5:08 am) 60's Warm! Yes that is correct 5:00 am!

Met up with Fred B. & Mike E. this morning. Earliest I have ever
been on the incline. It was nice it was still kind of dark but
you could see the ties just fine. A few others on the Incline
but lots less than when I usually go. Was nice to find plenty
of parking as well. So the 3 of us started at different times
based on our previous times. Mike started about 3 minutes in
front of me then I went off and finally Fred started about a
minute and a half behind me. This works out nice so we all finish
about the same time. It also give you a target to try to catch.
I never caught Mike and Fred passed me at the false summit or
around there. Mike finished at 27:50 no PR for him and Fred
finished at 23:20 no PR for him either. Still good times though.
Fred amazes me he is in his late 50's has a foot problem and
still rocks out these amazing times. Mike is also doing great
he has had many PR's already this year and keeps improving.

When we finished the incline Mike & Fred headed back down
and I continued up Barr Trail for a couple more miles. I had
my first fall of the year. I was coming down Barr trail and
saw another hiker coming up the trail. I took my eyes off the
trail to look down the trail at this hiker and in doing so was
not paying attention to the trail. Well my foot caught a root
and I went flying! I went face first. Luckily no big rocks hit
me. I did get some scratches and bruised my elbow. I was lucky!
I was near no name creek at the time so I went and rinsed off
at the creek. I was glad the creek was so close by. Rest of
the run I was very careful and had no further incidents.
I'm kind of glad it happened. It reminded me to always pay
attention to the trail or it will take you down literally!

Signed up for the Bear Chase 50k today! I did this race last
year and enjoyed it very much. I took 2nd place and I'm
shooting for 1st this year. I would like to break 4 hours.
I was like 4:17 last year. This year I'm in better shape
and I'm better at altitude so that should make a big difference.


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