Sunday, August 8, 2010

Unitah & 26th St

5 Miles 35:09 7:02 average per mile
7:15 am) 60's Sunny! Nice!
First run since moving to the springs. I have been very busy
since Wednesday. Two days of driving and two days of unloading
the trailer, van and my car and unpacking. It all went very
good but was lots of work and I don't want to move again. I'm
sure I will though. I couldn't have done it with out all the
help and hard work from my parents. Thanks so much!!!
My run today was my first from my new apartment. I only did 5
miles but it was hard. My run had lots of hills. I'm still
not used to the thin air either so that makes it even harder.
I even saw some wildlife today I saw a Coyote! It was off to
the side of the rode. It just looked at me. My run had some
awesome views I will get a picture up of the view I had at my
turn around point. Great run today! I love it here!