Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Waldo Canyon

7 Miles 1:08:15 9:47 average per mile
6:20 am) Sunny & Cool low 60's

Trail starts at 7100 ft. and climbs to over 8100 ft. at the
halfway point. So yes I was walking some of the first 3
miles. Trail is challenging you have to watch your footing.
I stumbled a couple times but didn't go down. Trail was easy
to follow except a couple times I got off course. I will do
better next time.

I'm really enjoying these trails here in Colorado Springs.
This after all is why I moved here! Pictures from today's


Rick said...

Wow, great photos, made me miss the Waldo run that was a bi-weekly for me when I lived in Woodland Park. The header photo is one of the best shots I've seen, was that taken from Rampart Range?

Brad Poppele said...

Hi Rick, I would like to take credit for the header photo but I didn't take it. I got it off the web. It's a great shot! I really enjoyed the run today this will be on my new regular running routes. Any suggestions for other good trail runs in the area? I just moved to the area and don't know of that many.

Rick said...

I really like waldo because i lived in woodland park and it was only about 15 minutes down the canyon. Another option right from the waldo parking lot is to go across the street and up Bob's road. You will get some serious vertical here and will actually hook up to barr trail after a good 2,000'+ climb. Once, i parked at waldo went up bob's to barr, down barr, to the cog, up barr, then down bob's. you can also look at Maps on the Incline Club web page. Another option from waldo is to go up and when you get to the loop take a left, you'll notice in the more dense forest where the waldo trail takes a sharp right, there used to be a sign there with the word "trail" on it making sure you stayed on the trail. Anyway go straight on an obvious trail and you'll climb steep for a little while and then can hook up with a couple other trails for some nice exploring. Only get lost if you can find your way back though.

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks Rick! That was very helpful. I appreciate it. I did see that Trail sign today that you mentioned. I will try that option of going straight instead of the right I made today. Bob's road sounds hard but like a great workout.