Saturday, August 28, 2010

Waldo Canyon

7 Miles 1:04:25 9:12 average per mile
5:30 pm) 80 degrees partly sunny
Second time running this loop. I did a little better pace wise.
I was about 30 seconds a mile faster. I did take a good fall
though. I got a few scratches on my leg. Nothing serious just
deep enough to bleed some. I caught a tree root and went
flying. My water bottle went down a steep drop off and I had
to climb down to get it. I really need to watch my footing here.
It's much more technical that what I'm used to running on.
I did good following the trail but made one wrong turn. I quickly
realized my mistake and retraced back to where I went off.
Good run even though I had a bad day other wise. Thank goodness
for running it's the best stress reliever I know of.

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