Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pikes Peak Barr Trail

6 Miles 1:22:14 13:50 average per mile
8:00 am) Sunny 40's
Carpooled to the summit with some of the runners from the
Incline Club. It was a cloudy morning in Manitou Springs.
Once we reached the top of Pikes though it was sunny. It
was chilly 40's but felt good. We ran 3 miles down Barr
Trail and then 3 miles back up. I ran 30:05 for the 3 miles
down and 52:09 for the 3 miles back up. I ran good going
down but soon as I turned around and tried to run back up
my lungs said no. So I basically hiked the last 3 miles with
an occasional run when it was not too steep.
After the run some of the members from the Incline Club
worked on the trail. Moving rocks of the trail and what not.
I moved a few rocks. I didn't have any tools so I couldn't
do much. It was a great day for sure. I love the views from
up there.

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