Sunday, July 25, 2010

Last few runs

Thursday July 22, 2010
Colorado Springs 30th St
4 Miles 29:01 7:15 average per mile
Last run in Colorado till I make the move on August 4.

Saturday July 24, 2010
Fox River Trail 10:30 am) upper 70's Humid!
6 Miles 41:05 6:51 average per mile
Late start to the run. I was very tired from the day before and
all the travel and delays.

Sunday July 25, 2010
Reforestation Camp 6:30 am) Sunny Nice!
9.75 Miles 1:20:40
Ran with Mike, Scott D and Scott L. Okay run I'm still not running
very good right now. I will be glad when the move is over and I
can settle down some.

Last night I had dinner with family as a last get together before
I move. After the meal I was surprised with a bunch of my running
buddies showing up. My brother set up this with out my knowledge.
It was a good time. I drank a bit more than I like. I got a bunch
of gag gifts from Mike. The gifts were all PINK! Like pink hat,
shorts, shoes and so on. This was his pay back for when I got him
a pair of pink running shorts for his 50th birthday. He always gives
me a hard time when I run on the treadmill instead of running in
the snow or cold. He says to me what did you run on the treadmill
in your pink girlie shorts.
So I showed up to the run this morning wearing some of the pink
gear it was pretty funny. Luckily no other runners saw me.

View from my new apartment.

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