Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fox River Trail

8 Miles 56:45 7:06 average per mile
11:15 am) 80 degrees Sunny
Late start to this run because I was up very late last night.
Yesterday was my last day of work so I went out with some
friends. The run today was not very good it was hot and I
felt bad. I even stopped at mile 5 to catch my breath I never
do that. Hope I start feeling better. I'm having a hard time
getting back to normal after last week's race.
Tuesday I fly out to Colorado Springs to look for a apartment.
I'm moving there August 3. I can't wait I'm very excited about
making a new start there.


1 comment:

nwgdc said...

Wait, you're moving? Dang! Please keep up on the blog after your move!