Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kaukauna 5k

3.1 Miles 17:52 5:45 average per mile
9th Overall out of 1218 2nd in age group 35-39
8:00 am) warm & windy
Not my best race for sure. I made a huge mistake from the
start. I didn't get a good starting position and was
immediately way off the lead pack from the start. I had
to use a lot of energy to try and get around slower runners.
I hit mile 1 in 5:50 much slower than anticipated and I
was already winded. I just struggled the rest of the way
to try and hold on. I did pass runners the entire run
and was not passed by anyone.
Time to rest up for my 50 mile ultra Saturday. I will do
very little this week I want to be as fresh as possible for
this race. It's going to be a tough one with my lack of long
runs and not doing any serious hill running.

35.75 miles for the week.


GZ said...

Happy 4th.

Bummer on this race, but learning experience. And 5ks, well, they are fun, but really are not a huge indicator for those bigger climbs.

Kick butt in the 50.

Brad Poppele said...

I agree learning experience for sure. Not sure I agree as far as being fun. It hurt! I will do my best at the 50 hopefully it will be a good race for me.