Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dances with Dirt Baraboo, Wisconsin

50 Miles 9:54:07 11:53 average per mile
8th Overall 2nd Age Group (35-39)
5:30 am) Sunny Warm
This was one long day of running/walking. I have never been
on my feet in a race for over 7:13 so this was much longer.
I would have to say this was the toughest race I have ever
done even harder than Pike Peak marathon due to the time
on my feet, the course and the heat. I also had a shoe foot
problem. My shoe at around mile 27 started to rub against my
ankle and became so bad I couldn't run even though I felt
good at that point and wanted to. Not sure why it was rubbing
on my ankle like it was. I was wearing Brooks Cascadia's that
I am new to. I did a 20 mile run in them with no problems.
So I had a drop bag at mile 34 so I got to change my shoes
then to my Brooks Adrenaline trail shoes. That was a life
saver. I was able to run again without pain. Not much else
happened from that point on to the finish other than running
when I could and walking all the hills. I did have one fall
at around mile 48. I tripped on a tree root and fell off the
trail into the grass. I immediately got a cramp in my calf
and couldn't get up for a couple of minutes. I'm bummed
about that because I could have finished in 6th place. The
6th and 7th place finishers where both under 2 minutes
faster than me and the one was in my age group. He should not
have even been in front of me as I passed him with 4 miles to
go and he never passed me even when I went down. He cut the
course short. He admitted at the finish line that he must
have missed part of the course. It's not hard to miss a turn
that late in the race when you are exhausted. I got lost
once on the race but after running in the wrong direction
for a couple of minutes I figured it out and went back to
where I missed the turn.
The course was brutal you start with a 4.5 mile loop that
takes you back to the start before heading out again. The loop
was up a ski mountain and then back down. So basically your
walking in the first my of a 50 miler. Then you run 2 loops
around Devils Lake. These 2 loops are not much easier you
have some steep climbs up rock like steps. Once you get to
the top the views were amazing. You could look down and
see the lake and all the trees below you. I wish I could
have stopped and enjoyed it. I didn't have a camera on me
but wish I had. After you run these 2 loops you start
running back towards the start but you don't get to finish
they make you run the original 4.5 mile loop back up the ski
Will I run this again probably not. Was it fun well sort
of. I was sick afterwards. I couldn't do anything. I ate
some watermelon that's all that my stomach could handle.
I did jump in the lake to clean off somewhat didn't
want to be to smelly for the 3 hour drive home. Mike and
I did stop later and I got some real food in my belly.
By the way Mike was 11th overall in the 50k and 1st in
his age group. I wish I would have done the 50k. They
even gave runners a chance at mile 25 to drop down to the
50k distance but I didn't.
This morning I'm very sore and can hardly walk. I think I
need a few days off. Up next is Pikes Peak marathon. So
at least I got a great training run in yesterday for that.


Clara said...

Yes, I think the 50k would have been a more fun option. And that sucks that that guy missed part of the course and beat you; frustrating! I didn't know Brooks Adrenaline was also a trail shoe...I've been running in that regular shoe for all of my races. I'm a retard.

Brad Poppele said...

Clara, Your right the 50k option would have been a better choice. Brooks makes both Adrenaline in trail and road shoes.

Brad Poppele said...
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