Friday, April 2, 2010

UWGB Trail

15 Miles 1:41:50 6:48 average per mile
3 Loops 33:58, 33:49, 34:03
I did a extra small loop on each of these to make it 5 miles
instead of my usual 4.77 miles.
5:20 pm) 70's Very Warm
Plan was to run 20 miles but ended up with 15. Several factors
played into this decision. I kind of ran out of daylight and
forgot my headlamp. Plus I have not run more than 10 miles on
trails this year and think it might have been too much of a
increase this soon. Also I ran way too hard and don't think I
would have had enough energy to do another loop. I thought I
would run at around 7:15 pace. I'm going to take tomorrow off
I have pushed it hard enough and need to recover.

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