Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cellcom Training Group Run

20.3 Miles 2:17:45 6:47 average per mile
7:00 am) 50's Cloudy
Ran with Mike, Jason and Eric today. I did not feel so good the
first few miles. Legs were heavy. As the run went on I felt better.
After 12 miles or so Mike picked up the pace I tried to go with
him. I kept him in sight and tried to hold on. I finally caught
him at a water station and we finished up the run together. Mike
is running great. He should go sub 3 at Cellcom for sure. Today
was his last long run and he is going to taper now.
My next race is in 2 weeks Ice Age 50 miler. I will probably run
a fair amount this next week and then have a 1 week taper/rest.
I'm actually a bit worried about this race. I will have no run
longer than 26 miles going into this race. I would have preferred
to have had a 30 and a 35 mile training runs. Just didn't work
out for me. I will use this 50 miler though to get me in shape
for the 100k I have planned in June.


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