Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stump Farm 10 Mile Trail Run

10 Miles 1:08:00 6:48 average per mile
7th overall 1st age group (30-39)
9:30 am) upper 50's NICE
Fantastic weather for November. Did a mile warm up. I was very
warm already. I knew I would be very warm for the race. I did
carry my hand held bottle. Glad I did. The race started out fast.
I am not a fast starter. I was 9th place almost from the start. I
was not feeling great the first mile my breathing was labored. It
never really settled down during the run. At mile 4 I took a GU
that I had in my pocket of my shorts. That helped some. I passed
2 runners in the first 3 miles then held my position the rest of the
race. I was not passed by anyone. I could see runners in front of
me but was not able to catch them. It kept me motivated though.
Considering I raced 50 miles 2 weeks ago I'm happy with my
results today. I guess there is some advantages to getting old I get
to place well in my age group at most smaller races. For first in my
age group I got a empty half gallon jug that I can take to Titletown
Brewing Company and have it filled. Not a bad prize.
So this will be my last trail race for 09. I am going to focus on some
road running for the next few months. I will do a 15k at the end of
the month and probably a 5k in early December. Main focus though
will be getting in marathon shape by Jan. 17.