Wednesday, November 11, 2009


8 Miles 57:13 7:09 average per mile
148 HR average
6:15 pm) 40's
Good news is I'm done with jury duty. We went till 3:30 pm. Was a
good experience but don't want to do it again anytime soon. The
case was about a 2 car accident. The main portion of the trial was
not about the actual accident but about medical bills and such.
The plaintiff was seeking more money than what the insurance
company was willing to pay. The dispute was not really about
who was at fault in the car accident the defendant admitted
she was at fault. So we had to decide how much if any the plaintiff
should be awarded. We reached a decision after 2 1/2 of deliberations.
My run tonight was not good. I felt awful. Just tired from the start.
I was going to run 10 but made it 8. I think I was feeling yesterdays
workout. Plus being in a courtroom for 2 days probably had some
effects on me.



nwgdc said...

I've found that increased mental exercise has a direct effect on running performance. Hence, me rarely running more than 3 days a week I think. And to throw in the new situation of jury duty, and you were due for a bad run. You'll bounce back, for sure.

I'm attending a seminar in GB the first weekend in December (5th and 6th). I'm done with the seminar at 2 on Sunday and will be looking for a place to run some trails. Is the Reforestation camp the way to go? I'd love any tips for something in the general Southern direction of GB.

Brad Poppele said...

Yes the Reforestation camp is the way to go. You will enjoy the single track. When you pull in the lot make a right and go all the way till the payment ends. Then park your car. You will see a sign that has all the trails on it. They are color coded. You will want to run the green course. It's about 10 miles maybe a little over. This is the course that a lot of the local mountain bikers ride. It's very challenging. Lots of hills and turns. You have to watch your footing lots of roots to watch out for and with the leaves on the ground it can be hard to see them. Have Fun!