Wednesday, November 5, 2008

West De Pere

6 Miles 41:30 6:55 average
144 HR average
Upper 50's NICE
Another nice night for running. Did not feel very good
though. I feel like I might be coming down with another
cold. My throat is sore and nose is runny.
Got new shoes today so I broke them in tonight, felt good.
My other pair is getting up in mileage 330 so I will have to
retire them soon probably around 400 or so.


Lucas said...

Jeff Johnson was wondering when he should replace his shoes. Looks like every 400 miles.

C Brad Poppele said...

Jeff, It depends on the user. Some get as little as 300 and some more than 500. I'm usually in the low 400 range. Also to consider is running surface. If you run on soft trails versus running on concrete surfaces you will get more mileage. Another way to determine when it's time to replace your shoes is how does your body feel. If you start getting more sore than usual after your workouts it might be time for new shoes. Hope this helps.