Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Crags

7.5 miles 2:00:11 16:01 average pace per mile
4:45 pm) rain/drizzle
Elevation gain 2904
min. elevation 10,012 max. elevation 12,762
First time running this trail. It was steeper than I expected. Didn't go as high as
I hoped. Weather got cold and windy when I turned around. Mile 3 was so steep I had
a hard time hiking it. My split was 28:00 for the mile. This trail will take you to
the top of Pikes Peak. I would have had to go another 3 miles up or so to reach it.
Maybe some other day. Hamstring was still sore but felt better than it did early
this morning. Hoping it gets better in a hurry.


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