Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Roundup 12k

7.54 miles 52:26 6:58 average per mile
18th Place 2nd Master
7:00 am) mid 60's humid
1 7:16.3
2 7:29.7
3 8:15.6
4 8:27.6
5 5:19.1
6 6:28.9
7 6:13.2
8 2:57.0 0.54 5:30

10 minute warmup 1 mile
18 minute cool down 1.93 miles

Okay race. I knew it was going to be a tough day. Fatigue was still pretty high
from last Saturday's marathon. I was slower than last year at this race 50:47.
I was second master thanks to them pulling the top ten runners from the age
groups and masters. Four of the top ten were masters!
One week from today I will be racing again. I hope I can recover a bit better
this week. I will be doing the Barr Trail Mountain Race in Manitou Springs.
Last year this race was cancelled due to the Waldo Canyon fires. I hope I can
run a time similar to 2011.


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