Sunday, July 14, 2013

Barr Trail Mountain Race

12.72 miles 1:54:35 9:01 average per mile
7:00 am) 60's sunny
12th overall 2nd age group PR by 1:31
Happy with a PR! Wasn't sure what to expect today. Have not been training on Barr Trail
this year. Glad to get some time in on Barr. My next race will be the marathon on this
trail in 5 weeks.
So my up was pretty good today. I wasn't strong enough to run it all. I had to switch
between running and hiking quite a bit. My hiking was pretty darn good.
My down was for me very good. The reason I PR'ed today was due to my down. My up
was pretty much the same as 2011.
Good to see GZ and Craig today. GZ took me on the down today. I couldn't respond to
his fast descent. Congrats on the masters win!

3.36 miles 30:00 cool down
Mile splits:
1 11:26
2 13:45
3 12:16
4 11:36
5 9:47
6 11:26
7 8:07
8 6:45
9 6:08
10 6:12
11 6:22
12 6:36
13 4:08 0.72 5:46



HappyTrails said...

Great job Brad! PR's are always good :)

GZ said...

Nice race out there man - and yeah, you hiked awesome.

Craig Hilton said...

Congrats again Brad, excited to see you do well on the descent. looking forward to seeing you do great for PPM.

Brad Poppele said...

Thanks guys!